Dynamic Websites

A dynamic site is characterized by dynamic (en, variable) content, which is modified by a management system. In a dynamic website management system is what sets the correct operation, upgrade, display, create new pages and sites, so gradually your website to grow with your business. Managing a dynamic website requires no specialized computer knowledge or special text editors, graphics etc. Through a web browser (browser), you can write a text and instantly update your website.

The construction of dynamic web pages is indicated in the case of websites with a relatively large content. Usually recommended when there is a need for frequent renovation-renewal of the website content. So if you have a company with several products and services if your updates are frequent, then a dynamic website is the right solution for you.

The construction of dynamic web pages is obviously more complex than simple, static web pages, and the degree of difficulty depends on the functions and features that it supports. A dynamic website is not a simple electronic document, but a complete application. Therefore, a dynamic web manufacturing cost is higher than a static web manufacturing cost. The same delivery time. Dynamic websites can in appearance, in many cases, do not have much difference from the static, but the potential is much greater. Thus, although initially more expensive, they have better performance over time.

Positively a dynamic website

  • Easily editable by the site owner via the content management program.
  • Low or no maintenance, except where major structural changes.
  • It allows greater possibilities of interactive content, such as user registration, etc polls
  • Renewable content that drives traffic.

Negative a dynamic website

  • Higher construction costs.
  • Largest development time.

Website Solution

The solutions that we can give is for:

  • Directory services
  • Business presentations
  • Presentation Products and Services
  • Online Store - eshop
  • Hotels - on line booking
  • Real estate agents
  • Associations - Organizations
  • Create Blog
  • Personal Websites

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